Friday, June 09, 2017

Lemon Curd

I love lemon.  I have known about lemon curd for over fifteen years.  I discovered it making Simply Lemon cheesecake. I've used it on fresh gingerbread.  But that's it.  I failed to discover the infinite possibilities before me.  

Until I bought this English Provender Co. Lemon Curd at my super favorite discount grocery for $1. (Actually. I think I bought four.)  I'm not even sure that they make it anymore.  I'm not sure.  But what changed my life, and will, I believe continue to change it for the better, is what they wrote on the lid:
"Delicious spread on warm toast, pancakes,& muffins. Spoon onto sponge cake or fill pastry shells & top with fruit and cream."

That, my friends, is life-changing.  How did I never think of this??  Lemon on toast ?  Yes!  Lemon on blueberry muffins?  YES!  Lemon on ricotta pancakes??? YES!!!

I had simple toast with my lemon curd today.  It was simply yummy.  I just had to share.

And while you're enjoying lemon curd with me, don't forget to squeeze in Sonic's Lemon Ice Cream Slush and Chik-Fil-A's frosted lemonade.  So good.