Saturday, March 09, 2013

Pretend Play

I love facilitating my kids play. One of my favorite parts of being a mom.
Today it's a road trip in Brian's dead car. Ethan is the dad and father, Anna, the mother. I let Ethan take my real cell phone out, they have the car loaded with babies and blankets and pillows, and I'm getting ready to refill some kids QT cups with kool-aid. Think I might print some car games too.  Then Ethan's going to call ahead to "Chick-Fil_A" to see if the drive-thru is ready with the chicken nuggets and waffle fries that I was lucky enough to have in my freezer.
Thursdays are becoming sheet day, when the sheets get changed, they are made into tent structures before being deposited in the laundry.
Impromptu parties, picnics, and explorations beckon.
Sensory materials like sand, artificial snow, and play-doh are eager to come alive and become a fantasy realm.
So why not jump in and help your children create their imaginations today?  You might have as much fun as they do.

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