Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Grandma list

Pappy and Grandma did some things together, but a lot of things seperately.  He went to breakfast at Hardees around 6, she went to breakfast at Brady's around 8.  He took me to air shows and hobby stores.  She took me to church bazaars and K-mart.  And Grandma had the coolest sisters.  Aunt Jen lived with Aunt Doll and Uncle Joe.  So we got to see two sisters for the price of one. :)  And they like to go "running" together.  And I liked to go with them.

  • Grandma trying to be practical while Pap simply gave me everything I wanted
  • the "craft" I made out of a pom pom, stickers, and a wooden ice cream spoon that was still hanging above the light switch when I went to college
  • bringing back little restaurant jellies and coffee creamers and leaving them in my spot in the fridge for me to eat with a little spoon and drink
  • sitting in the front seat of the aqua Valiant in the middle
  • staying with her after Pappy died to make it a little easier
  • watching The Price Is Right in the mornings and Murder, She Wrote at night (after Tom Brokaw)

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