Monday, April 02, 2012

Anna's 9th birthday letter

Wild, wild sunflower child Anna,

You make me happy. You are sunshine and you are thunderstorm. You are giddy and you are silly. Your sense of humor has developed and I'm beginning to wonder if you might not be destined for a career in stand-up comedy. You can seriously get on a roll!

Your heart has softened so much this year. So much less of the stubborn and so much more of the sweet. You say that you got saved this year at the patriotic concert at Gran's church. I don't know exactly when God changed your heart to flesh, whether then or when you first told me that you belonged to him many years ago, but I do know that He has definitely begun a good work in you, and I so love to watch His work in you progress toward that day of completion!

You learned to ride your bike all in one day. A nasty fall almost made you quit. But you're no quitter. You want to ride the best, climb the highest, and get the answers fastest. I love your sense of adventure and your competitive streak.

You've become quite crafty. Crocheting, knitting on your loom, sewing your own Barbie clothes, and always a creative artist. I want to do more needlework with you this year. It's going to be awesome.

Dolls are big this year. Your own first American Girl doll! Bought from a nice lady on Craigslist with your own money. Felicity has been a good friend. And today, the long awaited Hearts for hearts doll, Consuela. I'm going to be very sad when you're too old for dolls, but for this year, I think I'm safe.

Your woodland fairy party was wonderful. I love how you have very specific opinions and ideas when you're asked about things. I make myself crazy sometimes for asking, but you are so thrilled when your visions come to life. The best part of the party, though, was seeing you with all of your sweet friends. You've always been such a people person, and I'm glad that these special little girls value you as much as you value them. I look forward to lots more girl parties and lots more girlfriend time.

You are so thoughtful. You like to make surprises for people. I loved all of the little surprises that you made for my birthday. You want to help people feel better. I love your empathy.

You don't like to be too girly. You like to consider yourself a tomboy. But you love a new skirt or dress - just as long as it's comfy. And you do have a deep appreciation for a real haircut. You were so excited to cut off your long hair to a more medium long length. And it really does look great. We're long overdue. I'll take you with me soon. Promise. Oh, but one more thing. Keep your earrings in! If you read this again, and you're fifteen, and your holes have closed, and you're not happy because you want them now and have to be re-pierced, this is my proof that I TOLD YOU SO. Soooo, Anna girl, put in plain little earrings, if you must, but leave them in.

You are an amazing auditory leaner - and what a memory! You can give me back all sorts of detailed information from lessons I read to you (even from days before!), and you can answer all the questions Ethan misses. And you've pretty much caught up with his Scripture memory stride. You're doing great with that this year! Just no monotone. Let the meaning sink into you. Because this will be the most important thing you remember. I want you to memorize as many verses as your mind can hold. You've just about got Philippians in the bag. Can't wait to see what we'll learn next.

The piano. Don't know what lit the spark again. Maybe that competitive streak not wanting Rosie to pass you by. But either way, let's not let it die. I want to figure out how to use your ability to learn by ear to your advantage, but in the meantime, keep practicing! Let's get out of the kiddie books and into the real stuff. Be my pianist. You can do this. Then maybe we'll get to that violin...

Be nice to your sister. You broke her heart by not inviting her to your big girl friend party. But I'm pretty sure she'll forgive you. You've been friends for a long time. She'll be your friend when you're a mommy. She'll probably even babysit your kids. I bet you'll talk on the phone, or facebook, or whatever there is then, all the time. So try to forgive her for being so annoying sometimes. I know how much you love being Ethan's sidekick and how easy you find it to love cute little Bella no matter what trouble she causes. So try to remember how lovely it can be to have a Rosie girlfriend that you can share a room with, and holidays, and vacations, and maybe even your barrettes... One day you'll know I speak the truth. Listen to your mother. "For they will be a gracious ornament on your head and chains about your neck" - remember that?

Sweet Anna girl, I could write about you forever. You are precious to me. I love you. I value you. I enjoy you. I am so very glad that you're mine.

Loving you lots and lots,

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