Friday, October 07, 2011

Bella loves spiders

We frequently hear her renditions of the "Tinky tinky pider going up the wahger 'pout". And this is the perfect season for a love of spiders. So far she's accumulated spider pants, shirt, socks, and purse, as well as a Ty beanie baby spider. She was thrilled today while sitting on the potty beside an open window, to watch a spider glide up it's thread and back out the window. Every book that has a spider in it is all about the spider. When she wants a picture drawn in her sketchbook, it's a spider. When she draws her own picture, it's a spider. Obsessed, do you think?

Of course, I love catering to my children's delights (thus the socks, purse, etc...), so I'm plotting a spider costume for Halloween, we printed these out today and adhered them to popsicle sticks, and I found so many other fabulous links that I thought I'd share them here.

And just for the record, she has a few other favorite songs too. Although she seems to have finally gotten tired of "Zaccheus", "Jesus Loves Me" is always sung with much enthusiasm. And the cutest is hearing her voice down the hall singing, "Walking on sunshine, oh-oh, walking on sunshine, oh-oh, walking on sunshine, oh-oh, and don't it feel good - WOO!"

  • I'm thinking this could make a really cute t-shirt.
  • I love this crocheted set, but I'm not that talented. I was thinking that maybe a few stuffed felt pieces in addition to her new stuffed spider might work.
  • These look more doable. Finger puppets and a felt board set.


Diane said...

Ok, so at first I thought, "Oh,no, they set the song to rap." But I persevered and couldn't believe they pulled it off. Does Bella like it? The crocheted toys a cute and I thought I could do that. Then I looked for directions and instead they want me to buy it. Will study it out and see if maybe I can pull it off. But, don't wait! Love you!!

TheNormalMiddle said...

I love the "tinky tinky pider!" :)

Tell Bella to come here and visit. We have all sorts of wild crazy spiders in our back yard. One of the benefits - or not - of living in the country!