Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Sound of Music Moment

Yesterday, out of the blue, I looked at my kids and said, "do, re, mi, fa, sol, and so on are only the tools we use to build the song. Once you have these notes in your head, you can sing a million different tunes, by mixing them up, like this: so, do, la, fa, mi, do, re. Can you do that?" And my kids did!! Then I sang, "sol, do, la, ti, do, re, do." They sang that too. I told them that I had been waiting for this moment my whole life. They thought I was weird. I don't mind.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Genius in Marketing

Not that anyone doesn't already think that Disney has marketing genius, but this trailer really exemplifies it. Someone should have gotten a raise.

Take a Winnie the Pooh movie that will appeal to preschoolers. We already have the original book, the Disney books, and videos on our shelves. And the new movie is just called "Winnie the Pooh". It's not "The Tigger Movie" or some other twist that might pique your interest. Seriously, are we really interested in going to see a Winnie the Pooh movie?

Now, instead of doing a preschool-appeal preview, let's choose an already-familiar, but not too familiar, beautiful, contemplative song by Keane and add it as the soundtrack to the preschool movie. Suddenly, all the adults watching are feeling waves of nostalgia for the silly old bear and it doesn't seem nearly as insane to indulge your favorite preschoolers with overpriced tickets to the theatre. Mmmhmm. Genius.

Technical difficulties

Wow! I can publish again. For a while there I couldn't and I thought it was a somewhat permanent result of the mess by blog is in. Brian changed out plan with our ftp and all of my photos before the move to blogger disappeared. They are on a disc, but completely separate from the posts. Even if I wanted to engage in the days of work to unite them, I can't because less than half of them filled up my Blogger photo limit.

One reason I really like blogging is being able to click and see my kids on past birthdays, etc. But I do live in fear of losing all of my work and basically my life journal. So tell me, what are the best and most inexpensive ways to have space for lots of photos on your blog? Is a different blog platform better?

We tried moving the saved photos to a cloud and reconnecting them to blogger, but Blogger would only acknowledge photos with the same ftp name or something like that so it didn't work.

Do you somehow print and archive years of your blog? Is there a company out there that makes a year of your blog into a photobook? I get $50 each year for Christmas from Brian's dad and would gladly pay that to archive each year in print, but don't know if that's possible or in the price range.

Help me out. I've been on Facebook, which I love, but it's virtually impossible to revisit what you did in the less than recent past. I want a record, but I really don't have time for scrapbooking, digital or tangible. Blogging really was my speed. I'm about to start a traditional journal, so at least I've saved something. I feel like I've already missed recording so much just in the past few months...