Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Year's St.Paddy's Links


  1. Lucky Shoe Charms - my most likely candidate this year
  2. Faux Boy's Tie - because it's hard to find things for boys
  3. Split Pea Shamrocks - I know I won't get around to these any year soon, but aren't they just too cute?!
  4. Wired Shamrocks or the easier version, Chenille Stem Shamrock pins, and the fancy Martha Stewart version
  5. Paper Roll Shamrocks - these might just get made tomorrow too, depending on what kind of mood the kids are in
  6. Kind of a cute, easy crafty snack - Leprechaun Chowder or try this Color Mixing Pudding


  1. Lucky Shamrock Treats - I'd like to make these, but I have to find that cookie cutter I just bought...
  2. Broccoli Salad - it's green and my kids love it
  3. Leprechaun Jello
  4. Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage - we're having Reuben Casserole again, but this look like a good way to use the corned beef that I'm still hoping to pick up at Aldi's while it's on special.
  5. Lucky Charms Treat Bars - if I can't find the cookie cutter, these look pretty good - watch me not have marshmallows either.
  6. Celtic Knot cookies
  7. Shamrock Shakes - Our town doesn't have them, and if you can't find one nearby either, try here or make your own :^)
  8. It doesn't get much easier than these Lucky Charms cupcakes


We've been enjoying the Celtic station on Pandora Internet Radio this year. At book club this week we had a blast playing Hot Potato to the lovely jigs.


  1. Glimpses for Kids, Patrick of Ireland
  2. St. Patrick's Confession
  3. St. Patrick's Letter to Coroticus
  4. St. Patrick's Breastplate
  5. Paper for copywork, and for little ones here.
  6. Math
  7. Time for Kids Around the World: Ireland
  8. Story Starters
  9. How about an online mad lib , clover puzzle, or rainbow puzzle? Not sure if this really qualifies as educational, but it look like fun. :^)

If you haven't found anything you like yet, check out this links to printables page!

Have a very happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! Don't forget to wear green - and the kids will probably enjoy it if the leprechaun's at your house dye the milk or toilets or anything else green. :^) They do stuff like that here every year.


Cleo said...

love, love, love the split pea craft!!!!!!

Cleo said...

That was Lindsey, not Cleo :)