Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ethan's 10th birthday - Game party sleepover, take two

Pa and Gran made drastic improvements to a crude fort built of
found materials. Now it has a dry raised floor and is better
closed in against the weather. And Gran added her decorating
touch. She also painted his orange bedroom walls sky blue to
match his nature theme and Pa installed some new shelves for his
nature treasures.

This was one of Ethan's top birthday wishes along with a Twilight
turtle that his Gramma got him. Folkmanis makes beautiful
puppets and this Sequoia Tree Wildlife Playset is no exception.

tacos with the fixings and root beer floats

this was immediately put to use - in my downstairs room
It really is rough having a birthday in January. :^)

Art quality drawing paper - he was just running out.
This is his passion.

And owls are his favorite animal this year. This was
almost an owl pellet dissection party.

Folkmanis' Snowy Owl puppet from Mama and Dad.

Playing the borrowed Wii. A big treat.

Cherry and Coconut Key Lime pies and
lemon iced rice krispy treat cupcakes.


Diane said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, Ethan.

BJ said...

Cole's birthday is also in January (24) and sometimes he bemoans this fact. He just had his 11th, and I cannot believe how big he is already. Looks like fun was had - an owl pellet dissection party sounds like it could have been VERY interesting! :)