Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sadie's First Birthday

Since Sadie found us rather than the other way around, we took the vet's best guess at her age, counted backward, and chose February 5th to be her birthday. So we got her a new Mr. Squeakers - this one is named "Bananadog" . Mr. Squeakers was smallish and pink and is in need of repairs, but Bananadog is large and yellow and Sadie was quite pleased with her gift. Brian also got her some gourmet treats that she typically refuses to eat. Sadie doesn't like dog treats. Even ones that look like people treats. Just Kibbles and Bits. And whatever people food Bella manages to feed her. Which really is quite a bit.

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Diane said...

Sadie is so-o cute! Don't you just love how we celebrate our dogs' birthdays?