Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bella Gracie is a helper!

I came in from a freeeezing cold run to the store last night to a verrry hungry Bella. I said to everyone that I needed help unloading the Walmart bags and then we could eat. Brian got up to help, and I don't recall much help from the other children, but Bella astonished us. My petite 19 month old dragged each Walmart bag - probably about ten of them - through the living room to the kitchen one at a time. She also helped unload them. My favorite was turning around to see her standing on a step stool manhandling the loaf of bread up onto the counter above her head. What a good helper!

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A Hint of Home said...

Hi Alicia,
It's nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Looks like we may be neighbors. I live in the upstate. Are you near this area?
You have a lovely family!
Merry Christmas!