Monday, October 18, 2010

The Battle

When I consider what Christ has done for me,

When I envision that bloody, rugged tree,

I understand my responsibility,

To arm my mind in the strength of His might,

To follow His steps and faithfully fight

The Battle.

When I remember the love of Calvary,

When I hear his great cry of full agony,

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

My heart dissolves that I may give him all

and unreservedly obey His call

To Battle.

When Jesus tells me that He has died for me,

I reply in tears, “Lord, I will live for thee!”

Henceforth I leave the world and yield my body

In full surrender to His Spirit's grace,

To triumph in Him everywhere, always

In Battle.

When I discern that Christ did learn to obey

And endured the cross for the joy of the day

That the Lord made to show the eternal way,

I account joy each trial sent from Him,

And live to do His will, although be grim

The Battle.

Shall I not fight having made such profession

Like Christ who before Pilate gave confession

That His kingdom was no earthly possession?

Yes, I must strive, for He witnessed for the truth

That I might be free. His wounds show proof

Of Battle.

Yes, against sin, Jesus Christ strove unto blood,

That he might redeem His chosen unto God,

Translating His Church to heaven from the sod.

Christ spoiled powers by death's great cost,

And freed them from death's fear. The devil lost

The Battle!

When I reckon that I am free from all sin,

(Because his blood leaves no place for guilt within)

With a pure heart and good conscience, I now win.

Because he first loved me, I serve my King.

His victory secures mine; now I sing

In Battle.

So I must fight, holding not an earthly stand,

But for hearts and minds of men fights Jesus' band.

Spiritual wickedness stretches forth its hand,

But I take the armor of Jesus' might

And pull down the holds which against Him fight

In Battle.

When I think that Christ rose from the dead for me,

Over death and hell winning full victory,

Justified by Him, I have a living plea!

So through ever-living strength I fight on,

Sure to overcome, for He has won

The Battle!

~by my 19 year old brother, Isaiah


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so good!

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