Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Staycation Day 4- Tuesday

Tuesday found us at our city's relatively new children's museum. The admission is a bit pricey, so this was our first visit. Thanks to it being too early in the school year for field trips, we practically had it to ourselves. I realized later that I only got pics of some of the activities and completely missed others. Ethan did a stop animation sequence and the girls recorded songs in the music studio. We were able to take them home on DVD. Bella made up a ball catching game that I don't think was the original intent of the wind tunnels, but she had lots of fun. We had lunch at the restaurant in the museum, which was delicious, but not extensive, and oddly enough, ended up being the most expensive meal of our entire vacation - kids did not eat free there. :^) We ended the day at the mauch- awaited kids eat free night at Golden Corral, though. And the day was awarded - best day ever, which considering that we were at the waterpark yesterday, was quite a feat.

Ethan built this structure - and after lunch, he
ended up getting doused by it - without an apron
on, of course. :^)

I think the kids could have been happy doing
water play the entire time.

These two just about had a knock down, drag out fight over
this huge light bright and the different colored pegs. Guess
I'd better fish that regular sized one out of the cupboard soon.
Maybe I should get another one first, though, ha!
Can you tell who Ethan made ?

Bella's ball catching game

The grocery store is always a big hit.

This climbing structure is what made them eager to come
here, and was the first and last activity they enjoyed.

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