Monday, September 06, 2010

Staycation Day 2

We're bonding with our new church, and so decided to go to church as usual, for all of the services, rather than skip out for another day trip. We tried out yet another Sunday school class. The verdict's still out on where that choice stands, but they did have good coffee and lemon pound cake. And they're studying the Song of Songs, which has always been a favorite of mine...

For lunch we went to Firehouse subs. Kids eat free on Sundays and Wednesdays. We're trying to hit lots of those kind of deals this week. We had a great meal there. We took Ethan's gluten free bread along, and the one sub maker volunteered to change his gloves so that he could put his sandwich together himself. The four kids each got a half sub or sandwich, chips or Oreos, and a drink. For free. And their cherry lime-aid with the lime wedges you add to maraschino cherry juice from the drink fountain was yummo.

Furthermore, Brian took care of Bella, and for the first time in weeks, I ate a meal without juggling or listening to the screaming of a baby. Heaven. And she was actually very happy and cooperative despite there not being a booster or high chair available.

Home we came, and the kids went off to play, and Brian caught a nap. Then while Bella continued her long nap, the kids and Brian painted plaster animals.

Back to church and new friends there.

Then our traditional waffles and sausage Sunday supper with Brian's parents took a requested vacation morph into waffle sundaes. This time with vanilla ice cream and apple or blueberry pie filling as topping.

Just when we though the day was over, we stepped out of the car to see an incredibly clear and star-filled sky. The children were begging to find constellations, so we put Bella to bed, printed the free September sky chart, and crossed the street to an open part of the field with our quilt. We saw the Big and Little Dipper, Vega, Polaris, Jupiter, Cygnus, Cassiopeia (which Anna found, remembering the "W" shape from last year's study, but forgetting the real name), a shooting star, Pegasus, Sagittarius, Perseus, Andromeda, Draco, and Cepheus. We talked about the Mazaroth, and Brian told the myth of Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Persues, and Pegasus. Then finally we had to call a wrap up so that we can get some sleep.

Because we have big plans tomorrow.

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Diane said...

Oh, sounds like you had a wonderful day. Dad's staycation would consist of some type of work each day. I remember well how our's worked. It was work...which is why I request a -vacation.