Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Time I've Ever Wanted to Be a Model

Have you seen the new Vera Bradley catalog (Winter 2010)? They shot it in Montana. I have a thing for Montana. I want to be there. Love it!

The purses are nice too - I'd probably buy them if I were rich.

I do have an umbrella that I found at the thrift store for pennies before I'd ever even heard of Vera Bradley. I just liked it. Then one day I realized it was a Vera Bradley. It was my favorite umbrella either way. Who doesn't need a lime green umbrella on a gray day?


Jendi said...

We'd like to visit Montana also. Our son found out that there are horse ranches there. It just looks like a beautiful place. Have you ever been there?

Alicia said...

The closest I've been was Rocky Mountain National Park near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It has the same feel. But I've wanted to go to Montana for forever. I wanted to live there. And Montana came up in one of my and Brian's first conversations. It was a sign. I mean two people in South Carolina that both have a wish to go to Montana even though they've never been there?? It will happen someday. :^)