Sunday, August 15, 2010

Updated: Homeschool Forms

This is an updated repost from 2007.

I finally got my planner together this weekend ( last minute, as usual). I found some great lesson planning pages. Here's what I'm using this year:

School Days - for keeping track of our 180 day count. Right now it looks like we'll finish up midway through March just in time for spring!

2010-2011 school year overview calendar

I finally found these monthly calendar pages. I wanted some cute designs, but all of the cute ones only had 2010 pages and I wanted the whole school year for long range planning. Another option is here.

Schedule - I particularly like the Time-Filled Daily Schedule

Weekly Planning Sheets ( I love these because I can jot ideas on those big blocks ahead of time and list library books to request and craft materials on the other side!)

Weekly Log - These have been great for keeping track of what we actually did. I especially like that it has extra lined space for booklists or whatever subject we focused on that week.

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