Monday, August 09, 2010

This afternoon Bella has...

taken a nap that wasn't nearly long enough

gobbled down her pasta Alfredo

watched her Baby Genius nursery rhymes DVD

somehow figured out how to climb up onto my waist-high bed where she festooned herself in some plastic leis left over from my dad's birthday party

danced on her dance mat


been repeatedly disciplined for climbing into the teetering floor lamp and power cord laden corner behind her daddy's easy chair

rocked on the rocking chair

poked holes in the soft peaches on the table

danced on the table

had a snack of diced peaches

danced on her dance mat

learned to stack the blocks from her block table, cheering for herself (a very cute habit of hers) and saying boom when they fall

asked for the tropical door fringe decoration hanging over the door frame and when denied it, dragged a step stool over to the doorway in a vain attempt to reach it herself (which she realized before even setting down the stool and standing on it - smart baby)

found and played with her daddy's palm pilot

explored her backyard with her big brother and her puppy

made her mother a little more crazy


Hannah said...

what a rotten kid! did you get any pictures of that rotteness?? :-)

Diane said...
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Diane said...

How could this sweet baby girl drive her Mother crazy? She didn't do this while I was there!