Friday, August 20, 2010

Kids Raising Money for Missions

The offering at VBS this year went to a local ministry that drills wells around the world in needy areas with the primary purpose of sharing the gospel.

My kids, particularly Anna Kate, want very much to raise more money for them. She has lobbied me for donations (which she wants to save in a can in the treehouse clubhouse :) and suggested a yard sale/bake sale. I'm not sure where we would hold a bake sale. I've considered asking Walmart about selling out front like the Girl Scouts do. I'm okay with a yardsale, but as the oldest of three sisters, most of her stuff gets handed down, so she wouldn't own that idea as much.

Have you all ever staged a fund raiser? The stuff I used to do as a kid was more suited to the small town with close-together houses that I grew up in. We don't live in a very big neighborhood, so door to door stuff isn't a great option. With school underway, I don't have time for something complicated, but I really want to encourage their desire to help other people. I also need to move fast while the desire is strong.

So hit me with your best ideas, please, I'm all ears!

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