Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rosie's ready

Rosie is ready for school. The real question is, is she ready for kindergarten or is she ready for first grade?

She is my best preschool reader. All of my kids have learned to do basic reading before kindergarten, but Ethan and Anna were still relatively slow readers. I've learned that Anna Kate is probably best classified as an auditory learner, and Ethan is very visual, but in a picture sense, not a test sense. He wants lots of illustrations or photos - and they better be well done. He does not tolerate poor artwork. Won't read a book that contains it. But there's more to his learning style that I'm still working on. Rosie, however, is my kind of visual learner. The marginally photographic memory variety. She sees a word, learns it, and rarely forgets it. She usually doesn't sound out the same word twice in the same book. (Ethan at her age could sound out the same word ten times and still not know what he was saying while Anna Kate would sit in the background telling him what the word was.)

And numbers. The girl has got them down. She like to solve simple addition and some subtraction problems. She loves to write numbers and letters. She counted thirteen fairy wands in her knew activity book and accurately wrote the number 13 yesterday. Today she had a treasure map book ready for her daddy when he got home, complete with numbered pages and arrows pointing in different directions to lead them to her "treasure."

And I didn't really teach her this stuff very consistently - she picked a lot of it up.

Oh, and I can't forget geography. It had been a long time since we reviewed the states that we learned a couple of years ago. Today Rosie got out the U.S. place mats. She still knew right where Hannah Montana and Eloisiana was.

Even if she did get it a bit confused with her great aunt's name. :^)


Terri Deitrich said...


How/what do you use to the teach Rosie to read? I know Adelyn is only going to be 3 this year but she has a desire to read so I would like to start pointing her in the right direction.
Any input would be appreciated. I wish I could just come stay with you for a month - we would have so much fun!

Diane said...

I say, "Go for First!" Don't bore her with kindergarten work or she dislike school before she starts. Remember how bored you were. FIRST!