Friday, July 02, 2010

Book Club

I'm gearing up for starting a Nature Club and Book Club for this year. I've wanted to do something like this for sometime, but this year I finally got in gear before school took over.

We visited a co-op in May and loved it, but I really didn't want to be away from Bella for most of a day every week. I hope that that is something we'll do in a couple more years when she can thoroughly enjoy her own classes. The children really enjoyed it and were sad that we didn't sign up for this year.

So I put out a message on my facebook and church homeschool loop and got a huge response in just a couple of days. I want to have the book club in my home, so that is going to have to be limited in size. If more people want to have the same club in their homes I will provide the themes for them if they want them, along with links to activities and treats to match the theme.

So I thought - why not here too?

I want the book club to work well for homeschool families with children in multiple age groups, so rather than choosing a book, I'm choosing a theme. Each child can then choose a book in that theme and present a "Reading Rainbow" style oral book report at the club meeting. We'll then enjoy some kind of related activity and snack.

So here are our 2010 themes:

July - Favorite Summer Reading
August - I Can Be a Missionary (biography)
September - Long Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away (science fiction/fantasy)
October - A Day on the Farm (nonfiction/fiction)
November - Westward Ho! (American West/Pioneer fiction or nonfiction)
December - TBA - if there are smaller groups, we will find a place to meet together this month
January - Extra! Extra! Read All About It! -(current events)
February - An American President (biography)
March - Irish for a Day (historical fiction)
April - Not So Secret Gardens (non-fiction/fiction)
May - Man's Best Friend (non-fiction/fiction)
June - Poetry Slam (poetry recitation and ice cream social at a nursing home/large group meeting)

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