Saturday, May 15, 2010

At the Gardens With Mama

Last Thursday, before everyone got sick, we wemt to a small botancial garden. It was so beautiful and teeming with life. There must have been thousands of tadpoles. We saw a baby turtle, lot so of interesting bugs, water lilies, a large fountain, geese with goslings, and lots of other things that weren't there at our last visit two months ago.

Oh, and as the children documented the day in their nature journals, it became the first day of our next school year, making it Rosie's first official day of kindergarten, thus the wide grin in the picture below. Although with her, it may be the first day of first grade. She's beginning to spell phonetically, can write upper and lowercase letters from dictation, can read a little, is getting to be quite good at addition - oh, and she can recite the categories in the classification system too. We'll see how far the summer takes us. :^)

baby turtle

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