Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My baby birds

April 3 -

Facebook status: Just found a birds nest, Mockingbird, I think, in the jasmine vine by my front door - four blue eggs! :^)

Facebook status: Named Mama bird "Magdalena" in honor of Easter and Mary Magdalene. Her offspring, when they hatch will be named Lily, Cadbury, Susan (this is from Rose because she just found out yesterday that Susan means lily), and Peep. Bonus - We get to sing "Magdalena Cagdelena".

I went out and bought a hanging bird bath and suet feeder for the front porch.

April 16 -

Brian first sees the new little baby birds. Only two. We thought there were three eggs after a few more counts. Not sure what happened.

April 26 -

I can finally see them now. They are growing so much and have lots of feathers.

April 27 -

They make such a racket! I got to see Magdelena feeding them.

Facebook status: I sometimes think that my kids are running me ragged, asking for different things at once. But sitting here, listening to the baby birds in the nest outside my front door chirping their loud demands to their poor overworked mother, I'm thinking I have it easy. At least they're only babies for a few weeks. Hang in there, Magdalena!

April 28 -

Facebook status: I heard a racket outside my door and a wicked cat had one of my poor little birds in his mouth. If I see another cat on my property, I'm going to kill it.

My heart is broken.

I woke Brian to check the nest and see if there was anything we could do.
Both my babies are gone.


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Jacki said...

I am sad to hear about your baby birds....poor things.

And I totally agree....I wish that people would keep their cats indoors. I honestly don't know why people think that cats should be outdoor animals. People would be throwing fits if their neighbors allowed their dogs to run around feral.

I mean, not only do they decimate bird populations, but they can carry diseases! My sister was bit last year by a rabid cat, and had to undergo rabies the tune of nearly $2,000 out of pocket! Even though she has insurance, she still had to pay a lot. in co-pays and other things that insurance didn't cover. We know which neighbor it was, but she claims that the cat was a stray, and wasn't her responsibility even though she fed it and the cat lived in her back yard.