Thursday, April 01, 2010

Anna Kate's Seventh Birthday Letter


Sleeping Beauty. I've never seen anyone sleep as well as you do. Rose will have already had second breakfast, Ethan finished another level of his favorite DS game, but you will still be sound asleep, blissfully unaware of the world around you. If they ever give medals for sleeping, you will take the gold. But it must be beauty sleep because you are definitely a beautiful girl.

But once you get going, you are up a tree. You can climb so well. The other day, you shot to the top of the magnolia tree and were announcing to the world that you could see the backyard. You even said you could see "tomorrow." You may not don costumes as much as you used to, but you still have a great imagination.
And you are determined to milk the tooth fairy for all she's worth. All you need is the slightest wiggle and you do all you can to get that loose tooth out, so you can cash it in for charms. I remember the satisfaction of pulling my own teeth, but you delight in it.

You are quite the artist, too. You think outside the box. Sometimes mommy thinks you think outside the project, or outside the normal color spectrum. But you are being very creative. I've seen you do amazing things with colors, putting colors together that others wouldn't have. That doesn't mean they are wrong together. You're being creative in ways others have not been creative. And someone has to go first. Well, I'm glad you enjoy exploring color. And I think you'll find your harmony soon.

You still love to dance. And many nights you want to put on a show. But you're also a tomboy. You enjoy climbing trees and rough housing with Ethan and William. Sometimes it gets too rough for you, but sometimes you get too rough for them. So it all evens out. What will the world do with this beautiful dancing tomboy?

Sometimes you ask me difficult questions. You are always probing, wanting to learn. Maybe you just want to see if we really have an answer for you. But I'm glad that you ask. I want you to learn and I'm glad you have questions. Keep asking questions. I'll keep looking for the answers for you. We'll learn together.

You may not always quote along with everyone else when we are memorizing something. And you do need to keep up with us. We want your participation. But you also delight in rattling off the books of the Bible. Once you've memorized something, it is yours, and you cherish it. You like showing us what you know. So, do your best. Learn more. Share with us what you know. We like to hear it as much as you like to say it. Just say it at the right time.

Know that we love you very much. And we are so glad you are our daughter. I think of you often while I am at work, and I wonder what you will one day be. I even imagine the conversations we'll have together someday. I hope you always see us as a safe place to be - the place where you are always welcome and loved, accepted and appreciated.

You sure do love Jordan. If we've been away from home, the first thing you want to do when you get home is run through the gate and see if Jordan can play. I'm glad you have a friend so nearby. But you have a strong sense of justice and fair play when William is over. You must come inside every minute to report if the boys are not treating the girls the right way. Just don't take it into your own hands.

You're eager for Bible study. I can tell that you enjoy the stories and you enjoy learning. You especially enjoy being able to tell us what happened in the last lesson. Sometimes your questions are difficult or just catch me off guard. But I am glad you ask. And I want to make sure I am always teaching you what the Bible says and not just what I think. So keep the questions coming.

I don't think you'll ever seek approval by being nice. No, that's not your way. You have your own moral compass and you do follow it. Sometimes you might act out, because you think someone is being unfair. Well, it is my job to keep your moral compass pointed in the right direction. I'd rather you have a good moral compass and follow it, than just be nice for the sake of being nice. Sometimes I have to remind mommy that you are taking three steps forward for every two you take back. But I don't know. I think you might be taking a step forward everytime, you're just following your own compass. I'll have to do better in keeping it working properly - keep the north pointing toward "whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, any excellence, anything worthy of praise" (Philippians 4:8).

Those were special days this year when you and I sat together in church and took Communion together. I think those were the happiest moments for me. And I could see that you understood Communion and you were enjoying it, too.

I love you, Anna Kate. Be patient with us.

Love, Daddy

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