Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walking a Lenten pathway?

Here are some ideas for focusing hearts toward the story of our redemption.

  1. Mark the days on this printable Lenten calendar for children. Yeah, I'm starting a day late too - it's okay. For me, it's about teaching my kids to have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jesus' sacrifice and building momentum toward the greatest celebration on the church calendar - the Resurrection!
  2. A box of repentance - I love the imagery of this idea - and I believe that my children would benefit from this object lesson.
  3. Why not plant some Lenten grass too? This activity definitely falls into the "building anticipation" category. I have grass seed that I bought last year. I think this time it might happen...
  4. I'm suspending our normal daily wisdom stop in Proverbs for the short Bible lessons in Before and After Easter: Activities and Ideas for Lent to Pentecost.We'll also be taking on Isaiah 53 for memorization. I have a book that illustrates it verse by verse, but it's location remains allusive. I probably put it in the Valentine decorations box that remains lost from the reflooring of the attic. Perhaps, we'll do Psalm 22 - a verse a day, instead. I think I'll give myself 24 hours to locate that book, then go to Plan B.

graphic courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics


Leslie said...

Thanks for all the ideas and links. I love your laid back approach to home schooling.

Alicia said...

I wish I was as laid back as that sounds. Frantic is more often my descriptive word, hehe :^)