Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making the most of your southern snow days

I have to start this post with some dressing tips. I know that most southern kids don't have snow suits, but I also know that with a little thought, they can do better than hoodies and sweats.

The first thing to remember is waterproof. So if you have running pants, please use them. Put sweatpants or pajama pants under them, but if you have something nylon, put it on top. Same thing for the top. A nylon windbreaker is a better jacket than a hoodie. Put on an undershirt or pajama top, another top, a sweatshirt, then your waterproof jacket. Even if it's a thinner jacket, the waterproof layer will keep you warmer in the long run, with layers underneath. And then, shoes. That's a little trickier, but still the same principle. Plastic bags can be tied over shoes and tucked under pant legs. Put a hat on your head. Put at least two sets of those cheap little stretch gloves on, and have a dryer ready with a couple of towels to absorb moisture and dry those babies fast during cocoa breaks.

Okay, now that you're dressed to enjoy the day, here are some more ideas:

  1. Make snow cream or sugar on snow. We tried sugar on snow last year and it was a hit! I've managed to not replenish our real maple syrup, so we're going to giver snow cream a try this year.
  2. Make a snow turtle or other snow sculpture. Snow snakes are even easier.
  3. Have a snow ball battle.
  4. Make snow angels.
  5. Eat icicles.
  6. My kids love to make a mini snowman and store it in plastic in the freezer. It would be fun to retrieve for your Fourth of July party. Family Fun suggests using empty egg cartons to store mini snowballs in the freezer. :^)
  7. How about some snow games?
  8. Scatter seed on top of the snow for the birds. They will thank you.
  9. No sled? I think that some of your summer pool inflatables will work. Just be prepared to replace them. Let me know in the comments, what other sled substitutes work. We have sleds and saucers, so we haven't experimented much beyond that. Family Fun suggests finding an intertube at Pep Boys and has a great plan for making a snow slide.
  10. Spray paint the snow.
  11. If you really have a good bit of snow, you can use these snow fort ideas.
  12. And when you're building your snowman, keep this idea in mind for a photo op.
  13. If you're planning ahead and like a good project, how about catching a snowflake and keeping it forever?

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Jendi said...

Love the dressing tips! We have a rope strung in the entryway for the wet snow stuff. Not elegant but very practical. :)