Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas Eve -
We had just returned from a Candlelight service. That was quite an adventure. The first was full, and since we weren't very thrilled with sitting in an overflow service, we headed to second church whose service started later. The children decided that we would sit on the front row. We quickly became amused that the interactive service folowwing Luke 2 and carols that went with it, was almost identical to a program that I'd had the children memorize this year. They enjoyed the two harpists, but were still disappointed that the candlelight service was only candles at the front of the church. We'd thought that we would get to hold them.
Opening presents from my parents in PA
Christmas Eve night

Bella likes "flying" to Brian and then back to me.

Christmas Morning:

Ethan was surprised with the Ocarina of Time

Rose got a violin

Anna got a Furreal cat and kitten, then the girls opened these:
Gold Christmas dresses

The hat was one of Bella's presents.
Bella didn't care for it, and it was a little big.
Rose loved it - isn't she adorable?

Christmas dinner was at our house

They all got crochet hooks in their stocking,
because I'd been making a scarf, and they
were all asking me to teach them.
Whose present was that?

Baby's First Christmas

Now we're at Gran's:

Seven months going on 13.

Listening to Gran:

The long-awaited "Christmas Ball" - I only have this one
picture because we all had to dance!

Bella's new bear. She likes the tag.
Anna Kate likes bears. She named him "Fuzzworth."
And took him to bed with her the next night.
For now he's back in Bella's crib, but
we have to keep an eye on her. :^)

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