Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jesus' Birthday Party

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is having
a birthday party for Jesus.

We'd done a pageant a few years ago, before she can remember,
but it was that Rose angel in the middle that just had to act
out this story - and she wanted to be an angel - the one
above the manger, to be exact.
The outifts are made from clearance ($2!) fleece blankets
from Walmart and since there were no white blankets -
plastic tablecloths and gold garland from the Dollar Tree.
With a few belts and scarves thrown in, of course.
Everyone agreed that the perfect Mary was dark haired and lovely.
Ethan, however, was a little less enthusiastic about being
Joseph. I think he was afraid of all the "married" jokes
that his sister might inflict upon him.
The children all insisted that Bella be the baby, even thought she's
not "quite" a newborn - and the wrong gender for the role.
She really didn't want to lie in the manger - she was much more
interested in crawling around.

I thought the cake was pretty, but I'm never sure what to
do about the candle, and I never think about
that ahead of time. It is tradition, though, for
all of the children to blow it out together.

They also enjoyed a beaded wreath craft,
watching "Small One", a hot potato-like gift passing
game with a gift that was wrapped several times and
contained party favors, and Christmas charades.


Jacki said...

Did you frost the cake yourself? You do an excellent job!

Looks like the kids had a great time...I would have never thought to get dressed up in costumes for the party. :-)

Alicia said...

I did frost the cake. I like Duncan Hines mixes, but forgot that I needed two frosting containers for a two layer cake, so I actually make homemade cream cheese frosting - and it was good, if I do say so myself! The spray frosting really gave it the visiual impact, though.

When they were little we just used things from the dress up box, and things like Brian's knit vests and my scarves. I knew those things wouldn't fit this year and wasn't sure what to use until I saw those blankets on sale. :^)

Terri D. said...

You are so creative, Lee! I wish I lived close to you just so I could share in these fun activities. I know Adelyn would just love it :)

I have a suggestion for your candle 3 thin, long, white candles which could represent truth and purity and the 3 would be - father, son and holy ghost OR Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

Alicia said...

Thanks, Terri. That does sound perfect. If I can just run across some candles like that I'll be in business. :^)