Monday, December 21, 2009

The Nutcracker

We were seated in the front row
for this student performance - we
were so excited!

I love ballet and so do my girls. Their ballet classes are one of the highlights of their week.
But, seriously, do the guys have to wear tights like that?? This year was exceptionally bad.
In the Nutcracker, the men at the beginning are wearing suits, but the prince is always in tights. This particular prince was not as slim as most danseurs. And this only emphasized the whole tights thing. Ethan took to averting his eyes whenever the guy danced and the elementary school murmurings after the performance were definitely smacking of "butt crack".
Anna Kate has taken to referring to him as "princetocks." It is the apparently the primary memory they have of this year's performance.


Jacki said...

Emma has that same necklace! We must shop at the same stores. :-)

Leslie said...