Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Bella's first trip to Chocolate World.
This is always at the top of the kids list of
"things to do while at Gramma's"
Heading into Hersheypark's Christmas Candyland.
Note my dad with the stroller trying to veer off
to hit up a Dunkin Donuts for coffee before
we've even entered the main gates.

Rosie is beaming over the first ride on someone's shoulders
that she can remember -
it was so funny -
she didn't know what to do when she got up there!

cousins on the train

Gramma and Bella

watching the train

cousins on the little pirate ship

documenting Dad's inability to pass a
concession stand

the lights are coming on

Santa's reindeer resting up for the big night

cousins on the swing

the band they were dancing to

Isaiah's 19th birthday

Rosie and "Jack", which, incidentally, was Bella's
first word. She quickly added the expected "Mama"
and "Dada", although she did surprise me
by actually calling me "Mommy" too.
She's holding there waiting for some other
words that are half that good.
Probably something like, "go away!"

Pappy, Jack, and Bella

Thanksgiving dinner

Rosie's turkey

Anna Kate's underwater alien turkey

We went to a war museum thinking we could
enjoy the outdoor exhibits, but didn't realize that
there was apparently a 10-15 degree wind chill factor.

After near death-by-boredom, Ethan suddenly was
very interested in taking a picture of everything in this room so that
he could draw them later at home.

Brian's cake nearly burned down the house.
And I had to add another candle at the last minute -
36, not 35 - I can't keep track anymore!

our annual girl's breakfast - this is half of us :^)

We got to drive through the most beautiful sunset, I'd
ever seen in Virginia on the way home.

These pictures don't do it justice, taken through a window that doesn't
roll down, while going 70 mph.

It touched my heart, because, even though, I enjoyed
my time with my family,
it wasn't my favorite trip ever, I just
felt really off all week. Probably the fact that Bella
slept very little, and, thus, I slept very little, had
a lot to do with that. :^)

I'm so thankful for my family.

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Hannah said...

I'm thankful for you too! It was really great seeing you for Thanksgiving. In fact, it was just great to be HOME for Thanksgiving. You and your family were the bonus! :-)