Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

My great-grandfather died last week. He was a World War II veteran. So was my grandfather (different side of the family). One told great stories. One didn't like to talk about the war. He claimed to not have seen much. I think he still saw too much.

So tomorrow we honor those who served. The greatest generation is dying out and if you have the privelege to have these family members or friends still with you, I encourage you to go and listen to their stories while you can. And thank them. Don't forget the grandpas and uncles who fought in Korea and Vietnam and the brothers and sisters who served in the Middle East.

US Dept of Veteran Affairs has put together a wonderful teachers guide this year. I look forward to reading through most of it with my kids tomorrow. It includes activity pages, a readers play, and coloring pages. It also has an article about the role of Walt Disney in the war effort (during World War II). Here's a nice propaganda film referenced in that article:

We'll also be reviewing "Flander's Field" and making the poppies for remembrance that we didn't get to last year.

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Jacki said...

That is an awesome school kit! I have downloaded it and will use some of it with Emma.