Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kid News


Chose to make his Christmas box for a 2-4 year old girl. I think that he's decided that little sisters must be his life work, for now at least.

Anna Kate:

Told me yesterday, "I want to do ballet until I'm twenty so that I can be a professional!"


When asked what she's thankful for: "My mom and my dad and my sisters and my brother and that we can go to sleep so we can grow. Going to play outside and have fun and come back inside and get a bath and go to sleep - all these things are so beautiful. And I will wake up and be a teenager because I grew, and I will love my children. My friends. And I'm thankful for everything. Amen."

And she always says "amen" the traditional way, not with a long a sound
. :^)


Trying to crawl - she gets in the right postition, but tends to go backwards. She covers a lot of distance, though. Loves to give kisses, and she gets pretty spastic when she sees her Gran or Pa.

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