Tuesday, October 20, 2009

View from the Other Side: Paper Towels

Okay. Here's my new series. Ever wonder what "those people" in the corporate or manufacturing world are thinking? Ever wish you could ask them or tell them what it's like over here? Well, they may not listen, but I'm going to tell them.

First up: paper towels.

Dear Sparkle,

It's so nice that you have new prints. I especially like the fall print that looks great in my kitchen, and the seashell print that is perfect in my bathroom.

But I don't understand why they all come in muliple packs that always include a spring print. Don't you think that if I like a print, I might really just want the same one?

You're not selling any more paper towels this way, because I don't throw the spring one out. In fact, I'd be far more likely to stick with your brand if you always had my favorite print available without having to buy the other ones.

I'd buy lots of seashell paper towels, Sparkle. But if I have to keep ending up with teakettles and spring flowers to get them, I'm going to switch to Scott's plain white ones. (I know you have plain white ones too, but I'm bitter.)




Jendi said...

Love it! I'm not fond of the teakettle and flowers, but my real color problem is with Puffs tissues. Why can't they have 3 of the same color in the package? I like the greens and browns, but there always seems to be a blue or peachish color stuck with them. C'mon people!


Alicia said...

I run into that too, Jen, but at least we have a lot of different colors in our house and I can usually find a combo that works, so it doesn't bother me as much.

Anonymous said...

It gives me hope to know there are people in the world who "worry" about such things! Thanks for the smile today, I needed it!