Monday, October 26, 2009

Nature Park Pics

Our day that was predicted to be "sunny" turned out a bit cloudy. So I had two challenges: catching the peaking sun for the best pics, and not losing all the good shots to blur from Bella's happy bouncing in the sling. Next time, Brian's going to have to carry her :^)

She decided to lay down for a pic

So Anna had to too :^)

Yep, I'm taking your picture again, babe

our Bella Grace, "beautiful gift"

We were on a mushroom hunt - Rosie, especially,
likes to hunt for mushrooms

Never know how many more of these pics
I'm going to get. I'm holding tight to and savoring
every bit of little boy that's left.
Anyone know what these are?

This one makes a pretty desktop wallpaper.

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Jacki said...

You have such a beautiful family!