Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Well I thought that I was going to have a theme going this year. The Family Fun issue came a few weeks ago and had sea costumes. Ethan decided that he wanted to be an octopus, Anna the jellyfish, and Rose the mermaid. So I bought a lobster outfit for Bella at that weekend's consignment sale. I had a feeling that some or all of them would change their minds.

I was right.

But I think that we mostly have it nailed down now.

Ethan saw a cape with sleeves that came with a freaky skull mask. Why do they have to make everything so freaky?!?!?!? It was really the sword (Not included) and cape that he liked. He's kind of getting a bit too old for the kiddie costumes. He was Anakin last year, but he's pretty much past the dressing up stage. Yes, my little boy who a few years ago was always in costume has pretty much given up that game.

Soooo... We looked all around the costumes and for a while a vampire type cape and pumpkin mask (freaky one) held some promise as a not-too-macabre headless horseman. Understand, he's not out to be macabre, although it doesn't bother him, it's just the cool stuff all comes with those kind of masks.

Finally we ended up with an adult size hooded black velvet cape. He's going to wear it with a slow in the dark black t-shirt with green neon rib cage that I'd bought him. And green light sabre, or glow stick daggers. Whatever. I just don't want him scaring little kids.

I actually, finally, (after looking the past couple of years) found a pattern for a Link costume that I could actually pull off. I was very hopeful that we could return the cape and go for that, but he's kind of attached now. Arrgh.

Rose decided pretty early on that she wanted to be Hannah Montana. She spends her whole day dancing and singing (to the point that Ethan was almost in tears last evening begging her to please stop), so I couldn't really object. Especially when I knew that Hannah wigs were on clearance at Walmart. I snagged one for $3, along with two Hannah denim hats and 2 ribbon headbands for $1 each. Last night we added a bright pink petticoat skirt and a singer set of purple inflatable guitar, huge microphone, headset and hair clips for a total of $10.

Anna Kate chose Goldilocks somehow. She already had a green pioneer-type dress with pinafore, so we added a $10 pair of shiny lace up boots. I'm pretty sure her main motivation for choosing this is that she loves to have pillow curlers put in her hair. My worry is that it will rain and they'll immediately fall out, or that she'll have to wander around all day in curlers, but she's happy. Brian and I will have to wear bear masks, although I'm hoping to find some kind of headband. And if I can find a cute one at a good price, Bella will be Baby Bear, otherwise Anna Kate will use a build a bear bear.

Because the lobster costume is on the small side and not really what I would have picked to begin with.

So what are your kids going to be for Halloween? If you don't do Halloween, do they have a favorite dress-up outfit or are they hoping for a new one from Halloween clearance?

P.S. A commenter on the Walmart website said that she bought ribbon to lace up the boots and they looked like boutique boots. So that is their destiny. Won't they look cute with read ribbon laces at Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to those costumes. Those are cute ideas. Hannah told me yesterday that she wants to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. If the fabric isn't too expensive, I'll try to make one for her.

Terri said...

This will be the first year that Adelyn is going to get dressed up and I have absolutely no idea what to dress her up as! She isn't fond of things being on her head so any of those outfits that have a hoodie type things attached is out. I am usually not a last minute type of person but lately I just cannot seem to find what I am looking for!

Alicia said...

Leslie - They have a Dorothy costume at Walmart, I think.

Terri - what about a ballerina or fairy? Rose was one as an infant - I just sewed a pair of wireless dollar store wings to a long sleeve tshirt that snapped at the cratch and put a cute little dollar store tutu over it. There are lots of other options along those lines too, some are really beautiful.

A hula dancer would be really cute too, but if you're going out trick or treating, she'd have to wear it over a sweatsuit.

Terri said...

Thanks for the suggestions...I didn't get them till now and we already decided on a costume but it's perfect though. Adelyn is going to be a bee! She already has an Anne Geddes (sp?) doll that is a bee baby and she is fascinated with bugs and the like so she is going to buzz, buzz her way into people's hearts :)