Tuesday, September 29, 2009


  1. Bella got her ears pierced - princess crown earings - Blogger doesn't like pictures today.
  2. I took the kids ice skating for the first time today. Anna Kate picked it up fastest, Rose was doing the best by hour's end, Ethan tried hard. :^)
  3. After raining for two weeks, the weather has turned beautiful - and fallish. Highs in the 70s this week. I spent the rainy week switching out summer and winter clothes - almost done.
  4. Moon names are fascinating and my favorite, the Harvest Moon, is coming up on Sunday.
  5. We're studying history via ABEKA's third grade history book, Our American Heritage this year. It travels a timeline of American history by biography. We covered Christopher Columbus, and are now studying John Smith. Next week is Pocahontas.
  6. If you're studying John Smith or Jamestown this year, On the Trail of John Smith at National Geographic Kids is such a fun online resource! Animated, narrated videos and interactive games are a great way to remember history.
  7. I asked Rose what she wanted for Christmas last night. She wants a pink rubber band.


BJ said...

A pink rubber band! That's AWESOME! lol! Would that all children were so easily satiated! I think mine would be happy with a village of cardboard boxes.

Terri said...

You got Bella's ears pierced?! Did she scream like crazy? I want to get Adelyn's done sometime but will probably wait till she's older....a lot older :)

Alicia said...

I've had all my girls ears pierced as babies. Anna Kate and Rose were three months old, Bella is four months old. They all screamed for 10-30 seconds. Similar to a reaction of getting two shots at the doctors - shocked at the first, mad at the second- except they aren't fussy or feverish or sore at all later :^)

Anna Kate was immediately calmed by a couple licks of a lollipop, Rose quit yelling as soon as we let go of her head that we were holding still, and Bella stopped fussing two doors down at the mall, when we showed her the Build-A-Bear window front. Probably a lot less traumatic than any other age before they're teenagers. At this age, they don't stress out about it beforehand and quickly forget about it. :^)

Terri said...

You have a good point. Adelyn loves earrings and jewelry and Joe doesn't care when I get them done. I think I would just feel bad if she hated the process and fussed at the earrings.

Jendi said...

Sounds like you are staying busy.
I remember that history book!
Christmas should be easy for you this year. :)