Friday, September 11, 2009

Beach Pics

Okay folks, so I took 345 pictures, not counting the lousy ones I deleted.
Here are some favorites.

Check out those glasses -
it's the last time you'll see them -
good thing we had a very nice spare pair. :^)

Rosie's Beach Cake

Ethan was thrilled to find this rope at the pier.

The "pirate ship"
We think it was hunting the hippopotamus
Rosie saw in the waterway.

Rosie's Ocean Dance

Do you see the crab?

the candy shop
crab legs, baby!

Bella loved watching the tide -
it was so hard to get her picture!

A stop at the fishing pier before heading home


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! It looks like you guys had fun. And you look fantastic!

Rachel Lynn said...

I love these pics!! There are so many beautiful ones! Are you sure you're not supposed to be a world famous photographer?