Thursday, August 13, 2009

News and a Great Find

Sorry for the scarcity, it seems that we are trying out any and all available illnesses of the non-life-threatening variety. Still very capable of rendering everything in the household behind schedule. So we've started a bit of school. We're going to the beach in a few weeks, so I'm doing a few multi-subject units until we get back and settle into our regular schedule. This week is comets, asteroids, and constellations in honor of the Perseides, which, incidentally, we won't be seeing this year due to cloud cover. Next week will be insects and the next water and the ocean.

So science being the name of the game, I was once again searching for some really good Creation science stuff that is available on line, kid-friendly, not fifty years old, and not cheesy. Tall task.
Yield: a couple good finds.

Watch this:

This is the stuff that makes me cry. You know, when you do those quizzes and it asks, "last time you cried?", I'm sitting there trying to remember the last time I saw something like this. Or a Hallmark commercial.

Now the best part is, you can order the DVD, or watch it right on their website here. Beautiful.

Another find was the KidsAnswers page at AnswersinGenesis. They've got some great articles and cute videos there. You can order issue reprints of the kids magazine (which is an insert in Answers magazine). I'm thinking of doing that. Wish someone would publish a full size creation science magazine for younger kids, but this is something.

So off I go to try to get some rest. I'm running a fever for the third day in a row, but only have moderate cold symptoms (so what's with the endless fever !?). Ethan has an outer ear infection, I believe, that hasn't gone full-blown yet and I'm trying to home-remedy it unless it should take a turn for the worse. And Rose has had a cold that keeps almost getting better for about three weeks now. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow unless she wakes up snot-free. Anna Kate and Bella are the only two to not have been sick in the past few weeks, and Brian is also well at the time that this post went to press.

So there you have it. It wasn't too shabby of a post after all. I should do this more often. In all my spare time. Yeah.

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Jacki said...

What is it with colds and flu's this summer? Emma just got over having gastroenteritis this week. Not pretty.

Hope and pray you all feel better soon!