Friday, August 14, 2009

A Fun Day

We got to study constellations today - fun! The children seemed to all be in good moods and enjoyed their worksheets, the book we read, and the DVD we watched. The man in the DVD on space was standing with a moving outer space background behind him (you couldn't see the ground or his feet). Rose wanted to know if he was on his porch or if he really was in outer space.

Brian got off early like he's supposed to on Fridays, but doesn't as early or as often as he used to these days - so that was a big plus for the day and allowed us to carry out our Family Night plan - a paddle boat rental at the nearby state park (they close at 5PM). It seated four, so the three older kids went with Brian. He and Ethan pedalled while the girls sat on the backseats and dangled their feet in the lake. Bella and I hung out and watched.

The children very much wanted to go swimming in the lake, but we instead hit the trail to a spot on the mountain creek that has a trail to it and some benches and is a nice ankle - knee length depth area. They had fun wading and crossing a fallen log, although, they kept trying to get me to cave in to their idea of swimming back at the lake beach. Rose brought me the prettiest rocks from the creek to look at while I held Bella, I wish I had taken a picture of them. Ethan was sure every unusual rock was a meteorite.

Back at the ranch(house), we cleaned up, got Ethan's earache back under control (swimming in the lake would have been a bad idea), and had some buckwheat pancakes with last years vanilla pear sauce from the freezer. We even got to read a really cool glow in the dark book of the constellations. (And, wow! I just went to find the link for that on Amazon and ended up with a good condition hardcover used copy being shipped to me for a total of $5.03!!)

Last tidbit for the day. Brian charges Anna Kate and Ethan's mp3 players at the desktop CPU. He'd returned Anna's recharged player to her and she immediately immersed herself in her favorite Hannah Montana song - it's very catchy.

A bit later, Brian called to Ethan to let him know that his player was syncing and Anna called back through the house, "yeah, mine's already sunk. "

Well, I can't get the computor to acknowledge my SD card, so I'm giving up for now and can hopefully add pics to this post later.

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