Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dreams Interrupted, Destiny Altered

When I woke up Sleeping Beauty this morning (a.k.a. Anna Kate), she told me that she'd had lots of dreams. I said,"Okay, number 1."

She began, "First I dreamed that I peed my pants, second I dreamed that I ran away from you, and third I dreamed I was a princess."

"That's better", I said, relieved. "Did you find a handsome prince?"

"No, the noise kept waking me up," she replied, "and I think the handsome prince was probably in one of those parts."


Jacki said...

hahaha...I love it. Emma always tells me she has lots of dreams, and it makes me wonder if children can remember their dreams better than adults? I rarely remember my dreams, unless it is really weird.

Jason said...

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