Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "Almost" Perfect Weekend

You'd think I'd have pictures - but I keep forgetting the camera in the nearly-forgotten mass of baby things that must be packed when going places.

Friday night we went to a carnival. I like this one because it is a good size. It's a school carnival, and it has a few rides and a bunch of inflatables, and carnival games, and the best part - $6 wristbands for the kids to do everything. They even have free cake and ice cream. So it was a fun family night. Rosie loves to swing, so the amusement park-style swing ride is a favorite of hers, she rode it twice. She loved the circus train too. Ethan's favorite was an inflatable ring that housed a king of the mountain type game. Two kids. Two air filled platforms. Two body pillow sized sacks that they wacked each other with.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Communtiy Appreciation Day at our local library - free hot dogs, and we ran into a family from church that we'd not visited with in a long while and got to catch up. From there we decided to head to the park, and I got the bright idea (I hoped) to head to the nearest, and relatively new, elementary school to try out their playground. It was huge and the kids loved it. After they'd played, we finished off our delicious summer day with milkshakes from Burger King. And let me tell you, their Oreo sundae shakes are amazing.

Then came Sunday. The day I woke up with what I thought were really bad gas pains and turned out to be a stomach virus. By Sunday night I'd shipped my kids off to Gran's. Monday Brian stayed home with Bella and I and I felt mostly better (as long as I didn't do too much). Monday night I felt over it and the kids came home. Tuesday morning it returned with a vengeance. The kids went back to Gran's and Brian came back home after lunch to babysit Bella. I finally managed to eat some saltines and drink some water that night.

The upside? I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I only have to lose the same 20 lbs I've needed to lose since Rose was born.

And can I tell you that I have the sweetest kids. Anna Kate made me a rainbow beaded bracelet on Sunday that I'm still wearing. All of the kids spent their own money to buy me get well gifts that they brought home Monday. Ethan brought candles, Anna Kate some solk flowers with butterflies, and Rose a flower wind twirler that she posted in the front yard inder the magnolia. Tuesday evening, Pa brought me a note from Anna Kate along with a bottle of Mountain Dew that she was sure would make me feel better. :^)

I think it worked.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You must be feeling great to get out and do all that after just having a baby.

Jendi said...

You are doing an awful lot for just having a baby!
Glad you are feeling better.
Congrats on the weight - that's fast too! You go girl!

Alicia said...

I always feel great as soon as I have the baby (except when I have a stomach virus). After a few naps the first week postpartum, I feel as normal as ever. I'm not sure what most people feel like because everyone makes comments like that, but anything I don't do or do less of, is in deference to Bella - I can't wait to get out and get back to living after surviving a pregnancy!

As for the weight, it is nice, but what I'd really like to know, is if my stomach/waist is still this much bigger, and my weight is what it used to be, what got smaller?? It sometimes makes me wonder of my scale is broken...

Jacki said...

I agree with the other two...I was not that adventurous after Emma was born. I had a rough delivery and lost a lot of blood, so maybe that has something to do with it.

You remind me of a friend...she just gave birth a month ago to their third herself because her hubby is in Iraq...and she is just as active as if she only had one kid.