Sunday, May 03, 2009

Due Date

Well, this is technically supposed to be D-Day.

It's also our church picnic. I really hate missing the church picnic- it's usually scheduled Memorial Day weekend and we're usually out of town. I was happy to know we'd be in town this year.

We have a big open-air service - our church usually has to have three identical services, so this is the only time that everyone actually gets to worship together.

Then I saw the first announcement for it - scheduled on my due date. So I kept thinking, Hurry up baby and we can go to the picnic - you'll be two weeks week old...five days old???

Never mind, I'll apparently (unless something happens in the next several hours) still be pregnant.

But she could always come tonight, right?

Oh, and did I mention there's a 50% chance of rain? I think the rain date is in two weeks...good grief. Please be sunny.


Persuaded said...

soooo..... how did the picnic go? any rain? any umm...*babies?*

Jendi said...

Hope it didn't rain.
Eagerly awaiting baby pics - I'm sure you are too.
Hang in there!