Monday, April 13, 2009

A Rainbow Birthday Party

Anna Kate spied a rainbow cupcake cake at Walmart
a couple of months ago, and decided that she wanted
a rainbow party.

After watching Noah's Ark the kids came up to eat cupcakes
and tie-dye ice cream

" Pin the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"

The boys high-tailed it to Ethan's bedroom while the
girls headed to the playroom to enjoy Anna Kate's new
Painting watercolor rainbows - they then added foam
flower and animal stickers, several painted arks as well

After opening presents, they all got a pack of glow
necklaces in rainbow colors.
Some friends slept over and the Lucky Charms and
simple version virgin Tequila Sunrise (make your own
by adding some grenadine to your glass of orange juice)
completed the rainbow theme.


Jacki said...

So are you going to come up here and plan my birthday in June? What a cool birthday party!

Jendi said...

Your birthday parties are always amazing. Ever consider becoming a party planner?

Alicia said...

I always think that I'm just going to keep it simple, but then I find so many fun and easy things to go with my theme :^)

Leigh Ann said...

(I'm catching up on my blog reading.) What a great idea on a party! Looks like they all had a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Lynn said...

"What kind of mom did you have growing up, Anna?"
"The one every kid was jealous of and every mother hated!"
You once again score a super-party!