Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All the colors of the world

Rosie loves to cook and Rosie loves to sing. She recently got a new-to-her play kitchen that came with a new play phone.

So she was walking around chatting on the phone the other day. To her husband. On his birthday. So she was singing him his favorite song.

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Yellow, green, and black, and white
They are precious in his sight...

And she sang on, adding all sorts of colors, "all the colors of the world."

Did I mention she likes to improvise new lyrics when she sings?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Can you see Anna's toothless smile?
She lost her second front tooth on Saturday. :^)

A Rainbow Birthday Party

Anna Kate spied a rainbow cupcake cake at Walmart
a couple of months ago, and decided that she wanted
a rainbow party.

After watching Noah's Ark the kids came up to eat cupcakes
and tie-dye ice cream

" Pin the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"

The boys high-tailed it to Ethan's bedroom while the
girls headed to the playroom to enjoy Anna Kate's new
Painting watercolor rainbows - they then added foam
flower and animal stickers, several painted arks as well

After opening presents, they all got a pack of glow
necklaces in rainbow colors.
Some friends slept over and the Lucky Charms and
simple version virgin Tequila Sunrise (make your own
by adding some grenadine to your glass of orange juice)
completed the rainbow theme.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dinner tonight

was yummy. Brian's been watching food network shows and clips on hulu lately and Paula Dean hooked him with this recipe. The red onion mayo was so much better (and milder) than I anticipated.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Anna Kate's Birthday Letter

I've been not getting these done, so it's fifteen minutes to midnight on her birthday, and here it goes:

April 1, 2009

Little Anna bird,

I really can't believe that you're already six! (I bet I say that every year, just with a different number). As usual there have been so many new things and great events and accomplishments. Most recently, you've just finished kindergarten and lost your first tooth, and the second one is loose! So now you're a reader. And you've become a pretty good independent learner too, thanks to my being sick the whole school year.

You had your first meal at KFC and probably your first taste of real fried chicken this year (courtesy of growing up in a gluten-free home), and were spastic about the whole thing. Said it was the best food ever and that you could never get too full there, and that you wished there was no such thing as money so that you could eat there every day. Your a real foodie, and your enthusiasm and brightness infuses our lives with so much joy.

You're still a grits girl, from your love for the actual thing, to your cute Southern pronunciations. You think you're a tomboy, but I think you're just a Southern belle - all girly on the outside and steel on the inside.

You and Ethan and Rose love each other so much. Of course, sometimes you try to kill each other, but usually it's just so fun watching you all troop around together. And I get a kick out of you girls taking turns being Ethan's wife or daughter to play a family. And that you always want to sleep in the same room so that none of you has to be alone.

Barbies have been a staple toy again this year, and your dolls and animals are frequent company, but as usual, your interests are the hardest to peg, because you remain the social butterfly flitting from person to person and eager to just join in on whatever is happening.

The exception to that would be dancing - you love it. You may not always want to be a Miss Louise's, but your theme song could definitely be, "Gotta Dance" because any strain of music sets you in motion. You love hula, tap, ballet, waltzing with Ethan, doing contra dancing at a festival, calypsoeing on a boat at Chingoteague, and just plain jammin'.

And both of you girls love Paula Dean. This cracks me up too, but you are just as thrilled to watch an episode of her show as you are to watch a princess movie (probably more). The lady is funny, though, and you're right, she loves butter. You like Jon and Kate Plus 8 too - you watch it with Gran, but I have to say that here we diverge. Kate really irritates me.

You are kind and stubborn, sassy and sweet, beautiful and bold.

You love to do Bible studies with Daddy, and he loves having you snuggled up next to him. You have such a quick mind and retain information so very well. You are a joy to teach.

Board games have been a hit this year too. Trouble and Monopoly Jr. are at the top of the list right now. Daddy and I have so much fun playing games with you guys, and you're never a sore loser.

And all three of you are artists like your dad. You're a creative soul, and I was so impressed with your school drawings this year.

You're on the brink of more great events. You've been itching to be baptized for at least a couple of years now, and finally it's happening in just a few weeks. The tooth fairy is going to be handing out lots of new charms for that bracelet she gave you. The pink princess room is almost a reality. And I believe that I'm going to watch an independent reader emerge. Just don't grow up too fast.

I bet I'll think of lots more to add, and so will Daddy, but if this is truly the end of the letter, know sweet girl that we love you so much, and more and more every year. You are the spark plug of my life, crazy baby.



Happy Birthday, Anna Kate!

She had her requested cherry poptarts for breakfast, spent the morning playing, then picked out her birthday cake. She's having cupcakes at her Friday night party, so she chose a cheesecake assortment. On to KFC to pick up lunch, then her first visit to Monkey Joe's. They had a blast, but those inflatable play places are SO LOUD! Back at home we had a baked ziti supper with Gran and Pa, gift opening, and the cheesecake finale. Not a bad birthday.

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