Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

I finally got our traditional strawberry pancakes with strawberries and Smuckers Strawberry syrup and whipped cream and colored sugar done. I didn't, however, get the pancakes cut into heart shapes - and I heard about that!

Then they got surprises from us - the girls got their first Barbie Peek-a-boo Petites from the Ballet Bunch - they were thrilled. And Ethan was equally happy with a new Star Wars action figure. Brian got Ghiradelli dark chocolates, cabernet sauvignon, Irish Cream, and a card that plays our song ("You're Still The One").

For lunch, we were invited to Gran and Pa's house (Brian's parents) for a venison roast they'd been saving. I'd picked up some flowers to take to Gran, then I found out that Gran Gran (Brian's grandma) was going to be there, so we stopped on the way for more flowers. Of course, we pulled up to the house to find Aunt Eloise (Brian's great aunt) was joining us as well - so back to the store I went! But the ladies were all equally pleased with their flowers - Gran got a purple African violet in a purple pot because that's her favorite color and the children know it, Gran Gran got a beautiful red miniature rose, and Aunt Eloise three red tulips - all dressed in Valentine finery.

My surprise was waiting there too. I knew that he'd been working on something creative during his lunch breaks. Isn't he the sweetest guy ever???

Click to enlarge

The poem is from Amici Forever's song "Whisper of Angels"

I was yours before the first morn broke

Before the sun that woke the earth

And I was yours before rain kissed the ground

Before the first dawn's sound was heard

I'm the rush-the fire in your veins

Across the desert plains I ride

I'm the ache the sound that midnight makes

A streak of star across the sky

I'll be the whisper of angels

And I'll be the frost on your glass

And I'll be the shadows at twilight

I'll be your first your last

We all got a fantastic dinner, then the children got suprises and treats, including some late Christmas gifts from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Roy that were a real hit. Then the kids settled in to watch Wall-E . And I got to take a nap. :^)


Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

ALICIA!!!!! That poem and sketch is amazing and uber romantic! Gorgeous!

Your breakfast sounds divine! What a splendid Valentine's Day, mama!

Jacki said...

Yes, I agree....very romantic!

And next year? I am coming to your house for Valentines breakfast!!

Alicia said...

ooo, that would be fun, Jacki! :^)

Stacy said...

Wow what a sweet husband you have!