Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent begins

I've been looking for some good Lenten resources for my family to prepare for Easter. They're not easy to find. Then this morning, Freebie of the Day sent me a link for Lenten Tree ebook : Lent Activities for the Family. It has 49 simple activities and a tree to count down the days of Lent. You can download it for free from the author's blog Sharing the Journey. I also have another book coming through Amazon. I had it shipped expedited, and this is the 7th day of the "1-7 days" that expedited shipping is supposed to take. The post office isn't exactly known for its punctuality any more, but I'm hopeful that it will arrive today.

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Persuaded said...

oh my gracious... this sounds so COOL! i was wanting to do something for Lent as well, but was at a complete loss. thanks so much for sharing:)