Saturday, December 06, 2008

"I", said the pig?

I finally bought the children a Little Pe*ples nativity. They were tired of trying to position the stuffed figures in our play nativity that kept falling over and kept trying to play with mine.

I've been eyeing it for years, but it was a tad expensive (I'm actually peeved the the Fish*r Price website has this listed for $33 and I paid $40 at Walmart and mine doesn't have the backdrop piece.) The children, however, were thrilled.

They sat beside me eagerly assisting as I removed the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, wise men, camel, shepherd, angel, goat, donkey, cart, pig... PIG???!!!!

I shook my head in disbelief and amusement and couldn't stop snickering, A pig at a nativity scene. No cow like the one in the picture above, or listed on the box. But a pig. And it wasn't exactly a fluke because the box actually had a pig pictured, rather than the listed cow, too.

I called Fish*r Price to tell them of my kid's delight, and to suggest that they might want to consider returning to the idea of a cow at this Jewish manger scene. The lady on the phone became rather amused as well as it sunk in how very out of place a pig would be in a Jewish stable. After she asked if I would like to have the Hanukkah version...of what? a nativity???!!!

I didn't go there. I just communicated that while we loved our nativity toy and would find an animal in our collection to replace the pig, there may be some Jewish Christians that might buy this in the future and go, "what the heck???!!!" with a little less amusement. She agreed that they really ought to try to correct this.

So I guess this is what happens when you buy an American nativity toy made in China. You get a pig in the stable. At least it happened to me and not to Joseph. That really would have been the last straw.


Phoenix said...

LOL! That is too funny. But think about it...Maybe Jesus likes bacon.

Jendi said...

That's crazy!
So why didn't you use the free shipping and buy it from the online store?
I've been eyeing it too. Maybe next year.
Maybe they'll replace the pig by then. :)

Terri said...

Very funny, Lee!

loraena said...

That is hilarious! I've been eying that nativity too, but hadn't paid attention to the animals.

Ellie really seems to enjoy LP stuff (we have Noah's ark from a garage sale and a mom with baby SUV she got for her birthday). But pricey is right! Our Christian bookstore had on sale Black Friday for $24.95, but I resisted. She is 13 months - I am waiting until she can know what the different sets actually are. =)

Thanks for your cooking ideas. You have no idea how encouraging that is...