Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie Review

Yes, I was at the midnight showing with my angel of a husband. (He let me read all four books to him too, so he already knew the story.)

So here's my opinion:

  1. my initial review seemed a bit harsher than I intended, so I've tried to do better in this expanded version
  2. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars - the book was 6 stars
  3. don't take anyone who hasn't read the book - it would just be too weird and corny
  4. Edward seriously overacted - sometimes it felt like watching a high school play with really good cinematography
  5. Edward is way too miserable, he's, like, frozen in a permanent grimace - he's cool when he lightens up, but that's not nearly often enough - the lighter moments let you see that this actor, who doesn't fit my image of the book's Edward at all, actually could have pulled it off quite well if he would have relaxed a little and understood his character better
  6. awesome baseball scene - with my favorite song, no less
  7. the rescue scene in Port Angeles was also amazing
  8. Jasper is like a freaky mannequin, and I really liked Jasper
  9. Alice, Rosalie, Charlie, Emmett, Carlisle, Bella, and Esme are wonderful, so are Billy Black and Jacob
  10. in fact, it makes you want to root for Jacob - and I've always pulled for Edward
  11. the meadow scene is pathetic, they chopped it all up - and the sparkle effect is seriously lame
  12. otherwise, the script adaptation of the book was pretty good, not much to complain about
  13. the first biology class is so overacted it makes you laugh
  14. it is, unfortunately, not very romantic - I think because the tension of the Meadow scene wasn't resolved as quickly as it was strung out
  15. it was fun to see - I'm certainly not sorry that I went
  16. truth be told, I'd really like to see it again. I couldn't help being analytical and comparing everything to the book, but I think I would enjoy it more the second time around
  17. Brian says Blade was better - haha


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you had a nice evening alone with your man.

Jacki said... I am officially jealous! How did you get Brian to take you to a movie, let alone a midnight showing??

So would you recommend reading the books before seeing the movie?

Alicia said...

I'm the tightwad in our family, so when I decide to spend money, it's more than okay with him. Plus, I love action movies, so I go to plenty of "guy" flicks. I think our last movie was the new Batman movie. Besides, I read him all of the books, so he was at least mildly curious. I would definitely read the books first. While they might make you more critical of the movie, they also fill in a lot of blanks and make some scenes make more sense or have more meaning than if you were clueless.