Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Infanticide

I don't love McCain, heck, I don't even like him - but this guy is sick, heinous. How could anyone support this practice?! This is not ancient Sparta or Nazi Germany. And this is not a good man.

If you vote for Obama, this is what you're voting for. This is the kind of change you will get.

And you will deserve it. But I pity your children and grandchildren. Especially the ones you will never know.

That's all I have to say.


BJ said...

It says the video is no longer available. Being Canadian, this doesn't affect my vote, but I'm sure interested, as we're also going through an election, and these times we live in are just crazy. Is there some other way to find this video?

Alicia said...

I hope that that was a temporary problem because I can still watch it on my blog. Can you see it now?

gwendomama said...

you are sadly misinformed, and only flaunt your ignorance by biting the bait and perpetuating this nonsense.
NOBODY WANTS to get an abortion, PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION IS A MYTH, and you should probably just make decisions for your own body. period.

gwendomama said...

by the way, those pictures of the crying baby? they are of a FULL TERM BABY. come on.. you are smarter than this.

and cut back on the vindictive comments, my christian friend.

Alicia said...

Of course they are, gwendomama. I'm sure that they had to do a recreation of the scene and that no one volunteered a real early- term dying baby.