Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's Rosie, I mean Ursula, been up to?

My child is obsessed with George of the Jungle. She has declared herself "Ursula". For those of you that have been blessed to miss the movie, Ursula is the girl George ends up marrying. So now you know that Rosie, I mean, Ursula has just gotten new church, I mean, wedding shoes, and had to come home and marry George. So these are her wedding portraits. She really likes marrying George - sometimes she has a few weddings in one day.
I got her a paperback chapter book of George of the Jungle for her birthday. It has movie pics inside. She brought it to me one day, saying, "Do you want to see George and me?" Then proceeded to show me a pic of George and Ursula in the movie, and say, "that is me, and that is George -he is my prince." George of the Jungle, you say, a prince? But that is Rosie's word for The One - you know, boyfriend, husband...you get the point. Brian is my prince. She informs me of this regularly, as if I didn't know. Anyway, back to the movie pics. She then points to Lyle, and says, "that is Lyle - he doesn't like George." "Why not?", I ask. "Because he wanted to marry me," she replies.
As we walked around downtown with my parents we sometimes had a hard time holding her hand. Because she was holding George's hand. Walking down the sidewalk with her little hand in a fist. We always know where Big George is. She keeps us informed. Often Little George and Little Ursula are around too, sometimes in the form of baby dolls, and sometimes as invisible as Big George.
When a stranger asks her name, she says, "I'm Ursula." I know they think I've got terrible taste in names. everyone automatically thinks "sea witch".
She told the cashier at Payless, "these are my wedding shoes." The cashier replied, "oh, are you going to be in a wedding?" She said, "Yes, I'm marrying George." The cashier didn't miss a beat, "Does George have a last name?" That momentarily stumped Rosie, so I replied, "Yes. 'Of the Jungle' "


Jacki said...

LOL....that last line is hilarious! What did the cashier say to that??

Emma is starting to take on different characters from her shows, and it is sometimes hard to keep up with her imagination!!

Jendi said...

That's funny.
I have to admit that I thought of the sea witch. Rosie would be quite ashamed of me.
I do think Brendan Fraser is kind of cute, though. :) LOL

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness! Mom was telling me that Lyle was hiding behind the bedroom door and was calling 'Ursula' cupcake. Ursula told Mom to tell Lyle that he needed to stop calling her cupcake or else George was going to mad and beat Lyle up.

Wendy said...

so funny!

btw - i am on facebook. :)

Terri Deitrich said...

Holy cow, Lee she's such a funny little thing. I'm sitting in my office at work reading your post laughing out loud. Great way to end the day :)

BJ said...

This is great! I have a newly-minted three-year-old who LOVES all things princess and dresses and jewelry...so fun after three boys! Save this one for your stories to be told at a wedding reception. :D