Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New 50 States Project

A while back, Family Fun (I think) wrote about a project where a neighborhood of kids set out to collect a postcard from each of the fifty states by summer's end.

I thought, why not?

So I enlisted my facebook friends, and have yet to beg by e-mail and we already have pledges from VA, NC, AK!, HI!, TN, MI, AL, and FL! How cool is that?!


Jendi said...

No PA yet?
I can send you one if you want. Didn't volunteer earlier because I thought your family would.

Alicia said...

Well,um..., I actually keep forgetting to ask - we actuallyprobably have dozen of previously sent PA cards, but I'm sure my kids would think it was really cool if they got one from someone else - and we could send cards back to your kids. :^)

Jacki said...

What about from different areas of each state? I can pick up some post cards of the county we live in.

Alicia said...

We're turning down no postcard offers - the more the merrier!

Wendy said...

that is an awesome idea! i need to get ours to you!