Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The power of music

Sometimes I forget. I forget in the midst of mediocre music. I forget because the continual noises of three children more often have me craving silence than any kind of sound.

Today I was reminded. I finally got an ear bud that plus into my cell phone, which has a mini SD card. This is the first time I've used headphones for music since...umm...my personal cassette player in high school?

So far the only thing on it is the Valley of Vision CD.

It was lovely. I cleaned up the kitchen and danced a little, and clapped, and actually enjoyed cleaning up the kitchen. I folded laundry and hung up clothes, and was happy to do it. And I sang along.

And when the children came in from the yard with problems and requests, I wasn't irritated at all. Because I think that it would have really felt like the sin it is, if praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit came in one ear and anything but kindness and gratitude came out of my mouth.

I look forward to being reminded again tomorrow.

It Was Love
Words and music by Mark Altrogge

As recorded on Valley of Vision

It was love that brought You from above
To walk upon the earth
And love that caused Your weariness
Your hunger and Your thirst
It was love that caused You to be tried
And tempted by the foe
And love that brought the nails and cross
And love that bought my soul

How wonderful Your love, the mystery of mysteries
Filling up my heart, more glorious than I know
How wonderful Your love
There's nothing else so sweet to me
I'll never be apart from the Lover of my soul
From the Lover of my soul

Your love is filled with holiness
O Spirit, fan this flame
Your love will never cease or cool
Your love will never change
O let me see Your love for me
Around me everywhere
The shining sun, a gentle rain
Remind me of Your care

© 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).


Loraena said...

Have you heard the new Come Weary Saints CD? I love it. I think it is my favorite SG recording so far!

Alicia said...

I actually just saw it and tried to listen to the sample tracks last night but my computor locked up on me. I look forward to hearing those. :^)